21 Dec 2010

Fen Skating

Midwinter's Day - and the third of Fen Skating for us at Welney. Found a rink of our own out in the middle of the Washes and then zipped back along the (thick) smooth and black river ice. Exhilarating. (And a lunar eclipse to start the day too...)

23 Nov 2010

Another Flatiron drawing

Taking time with an HB to find those elusive angles.

22 Nov 2010

Flatiron drawing

Preparatory drawing for monoprints and woodcut

1 Nov 2010

Central Park, the sound of 'Bambu'

Looking south from the roof garden of the Met Museum. A warm day in September and the wind making wonderful sounds as it blows through the Starn Brothers 'Big Bambu' installation towering over our heads.

4 Oct 2010

Seeing clearly in NYC

Clear-cut September light in NYC. Great contrasts and sharp images. Above, a self-portrait seen through a glass brightly - and the building that kept demanding you reach for a camera or drawing book...

16 Sep 2010

Time passing down Amsterdam Ave, NYC

With half an hour spare before a Sedgwick Brothers meeting at Columbia we sat in the shade on Charles Revson plaza and watched the traffic flow away down Amsterdam Avenue. Open topped tour busses seemed to just fit under the bridge - and, wonderfully, removal/delivery trucks marked 'TIME' were moving in both directions.

15 Sep 2010

Bridge Opening

The opening of Reach Cycle Bridge on the new Lodes Way this last Sunday. Big cumulus clouds, a stiff wind, eager community spirit and a beautiful day in general...

2 Mar 2010

Sweden sketchbook

Watercolour/pencil on A5 Moleskine sketchbook.

28 Feb 2010

Sketchbook climate extremes

-10 celisus, Kangerud, Varmland, Sweden. 15.2.10. The lake frozen is the same colour as the sky. Paint, brush, water all freezing as fast as you can work.

+37 celsius - Aransis, Catalonia. 14.8.09. Thunderstorm rumbling around the hills.

11 Feb 2010

Yashica Joe

One of a set of portraits from recent Yashica roll.
Have been using the wonderful service at Fuji Film for all my 120 film processing, which I heartily recommend to any lover of real film photography.

Life in the old dog yet

Ouse Washes in flood. Using my old Yashica Mat to see if it still works...

15 Jan 2010

Poladroid Tokyo

Just picking up work on my Japanese set ghost/love story and riffling through photos, sketches, notes for inspiration. Got side-tracked (of course) with Poladroid software and lost several hours converting various jpegs to Fauxlaroids...