22 Oct 2011


Our week 2 holiday house, Le Bourg, St Projet. Drawn with a superb scribbly ballpoint, whose kind donor was subsequently - accidentally - locked in the cellar, mid foreground. Apologies again.

6 Oct 2011

Another Point of View

A quiet, hot morning in the Tarn Gorges last week. Vultures sliding past on the thermals. Drawn between coffee and lunch in Japanese album Moleskine.

9 Sep 2011

A Point of View

From the Saut de la Mounine viewpoint over the Lot. Favourite cycle routes and La Paregude visible. Beneath our feet clear air and sand martins.

7 Sep 2011


Najac Castle. Rain and sun alternating. Drawn from restaurant terrace towards the end of two weeks on the Lot and Aveyron. A theatre troupe were dining next to us, preparing to wrap themselves in clingfilm and comedically demonstrate the liberation of a generation of French women. Nearby a parent admonished his child that clingfilm should never be wrapped around the head. 'Jamais, jamais, jamais.'

10 May 2011

Road to Coveney

Big cloud shadows from the back road to Coveney. The fullness of May.

When in doubt, I remind myself - DRAW.

20 Mar 2011

Tokyo 2004

Sekiguchi, Tokyo, 2004.

7 Mar 2011

Casa Mezcal

Bottles and ephemera at Casa Mezcal, Orchard Street. The haze of happiness accompanying this lunch momentarily confused me geographically. Manhattan, not Brooklyn.

26 Feb 2011

Chrysler Building from Empire State

Very cold and windy on the Empire State Building. Ice and snow on the observation deck.

30 Jan 2011

Cutting a block

After a gap of some six years - and now in possession of some decent 9mm birch ply - it's good to be cutting a woodblock again. Therapeutically calming once the shavings start to fly...