12 Oct 2009

Arthog August 19th 1999

Wind and cloud curling over Cader Idris.
Oil pastel for quick capture of light and colour. This drawing, one of many similar ones that year, became the starting point for some twenty paintings. Opening it just now I found a small piece of chocolate wrapper - ah! the immediacy of the sketchbook... can still remember how the light was blooming up off the Mawddach estuary that day, who was there, everything.


  1. Superb sketch, Julian. I have never been to Cader Idris, but I've heard of the legend:

    Giant Idris's lofty Welsh cadair:
    Misty mount, kept by osprey and adder.
    Sit the night out with Idris?
    Beware! If you did this,
    You'd end up a poet, or madder.

  2. Indeed! The boys and I plan on spending a night up there soon...
    Just done a new painting from that drawing this afternoon and discovered that my favourite oil yellow is more toxic than I thought. I always end up using fingers...