7 Oct 2009

Wicken Fen has a Vision

Last year I spent a lot of time drawing at Wicken Fen Nature Reserve in Cambridgeshire - and am now working them up into paintings.
The Fen is a glorious and inspiring place and a vital haven for endangered flora and fauna. It's also a perfect place to recharge the soul - listening to the wind in the reeds and watching the clouds drift.
The Wicken Vision aims to buy up exhausted intensive agricultural land - as it becomes available - and re-establish various habitats, from wetland to managed grazing. This will then provide greater security for threatened species, a much needed 'green lung' for Cambridge and will also help with carbon sequestration.
To help counter some rather misguided and inflammatory local opposition, a local supporter has set up a pro-Vision epetition on the No.10 site.

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